The Cotswold School Houses

At The Cotswold School students are placed in one of four houses. These houses are: – Artemis, Zeus, Poseidon and Apollo. Students will enjoy the benefit of being part of an effective and supportive team. There are house events including sporting tournaments such as rugby, hockey, football and netball. There are also annual events such as music competitions. The School runs a reward system and there is a running competition for the house with the most points.


Name: Artemis
Colour: Red
Symbol: Bow & Arrow – Hunter
Known for: The hunt, the moon and the natural environment
HEAD: Mr Ellis

Name: Zeus
Colour: Yellow
Symbol: Thunderbolt – God of the Sky
Known for: Ruler of the sky, rain and Earth, all natural phenomena, laws of nature
HEAD: Dr Pearce

Head of Zeus 2

Name: Apollo
Colour: Green
Symbol: Golden Lyre – God of Music AND Silver Bow – The Archer
Known for: Healing /medicine, light and truth, he moved the sun across the sky
HEAD: Mr Lord

Name: Poseidon
Colour: Blue
Symbol: Trident – God of the Sea
Known for: The sea: protector of all aquatic life and features
HEAD: Mrs Joynes