Adverse Weather

SHOULD THE SCHOOL NEED TO CLOSE, we have emergency closure procedures.

Our emergency closure procedures include:

  1. We will always hope to keep the school open – either in whole or in part – for as long as possible. Any decision to close will have particular regard to the health and safety of pupils and staff, especially in respect of travelling to and from school. We will always heed the advice of our coach firm, Pulham & Sons Ltd.
  1. The Principal is responsible for deciding whether the school should close. An instruction to close all schools in the County would be given only if road conditions across the whole County were critical and where the police had requested that traffic and pedestrians be kept off all roads.
  1. A school closure will usually occur as a result of:
  • very severe weather conditions.
  •  interruptions to a public service supply such as gas, water or electricity.
  • structural or engineering problems.
  1. In our case, the most likely reason for closure would be severe weather conditions.

In the event of a closure, we will inform you by ParentMail (as long as the internet is working), school website and social media:
Facebook: @TheCotswoldSchool and Twitter: @Cotswold_School.

Information can also be found on the following website:

or by listening to:


During large scale closures, due to severe weather, most of the County is covered by Heart Radio and they will normally broadcast information regarding school closures immediately following the news bulletins at 7.30 am and 8.00 am.

  1. Under no circumstances should pupils or parents telephone direct either local radio stations or Shire Hall for information regarding individual school closures. These organisations do not have the manpower to provide such an individual service.