We are proud of our excellent school meals, freshly prepared each day on our premises by our catering team and enjoyed by the majority of students and the staff too. A full hot school meal is provided by the school kitchen which includes a main dish, side vegetable(s) and pudding. Please find below sample menus of the range of meals the canteen prepares. These are subject to change.

Autumn Winter Menus 2018 – Week 4

We operate a cashless catering system in our school dining room.  We use biometric recognition at our tills.  To do this, students register by having their thumbs scanned.  If parents/carers prefer, pupils can be provided with a PIN instead.

Parents can credit their child’s/children’s account(s) online.  Alternatively, pupils can top-up by accessing their accounts on the re-charging machines in the dining room and inserting cash.

If the pupil is entitled to Free School Meals, they are registered on the same system as every other pupil in the school and their account is credited by the County.  At the till-point, all our students ‘pay’ for their food by either placing their thumb on the scanner or by typing in their PIN.  Accounts are automatically debited.  Details for getting registered for our cashless catering system can be obtained from our Finance Office.

Introducing the new Catering Pod, the Quad Pod! 

Funded by monies raised at the PTA Auction of Promises evening, to accommodate pupil numbers and offer more choice. This will be situated in the quad/canopy area and is available for private hire too!