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Mr Phil White is our Careers Coordinator and with Mr Matt Smith has developed our comprehensive Careers Related Learning for all year groups,  oversees the provision of career and apprenticeship advice and further education opportunities.

Further independent, professional advice is provided to any student from our qualified Careers Advisor, Ruth Thomas.

Each Year group at The Cotswold School has at least one day in the academic year focusing on a particular element of careers/employability:

Year 7s enjoy working in groups to design and market a new product
Year 8s build on their enterprise skills by planning their own event
Year 9s focus on finance and explore the skills and attributes needed in various sectors of work
Year 10 students undertake a week of work experience where they gain a real insight into the nature of the workplace
Year 11s focus on researching their post-16 options and on writing a high-quality CV
Sixth Formers undertake professional work shadowing and mock interviews as well as a strong emphasis on researching their next steps, whether in higher education, apprenticeships or other routes to the workplace.

Students are also given time and the opportunity to explore a diverse range of jobs using websites such as “icould” and “careersbox”.

The Cotswold School has excellent links with many local and regional employers and puts on an annual Careers Fayre in October, which grows in size and popularity every year as well as other ‘Windows into Careers’ opportunities.

Students are also encouraged to take up the many and varied opportunities there are to visit employment and education exhibitions, aimed at both raising aspirations and providing inspiration. Valuable practice interview sessions are provided with the generous and longstanding support of our local Rotary Club and professionals living in our community.  Meanwhile, our staff and tutors also play an important role as student mentors, taking time to speak to each student 1-to-1, ensuring they are receiving the support and can find any information they may need.

A Careers Board is located on the main school corridor and in the Sixth Form Common Room and is regularly updated with wide-ranging opportunities to inspire our young people.  The school enjoys close links with its local community with the result that many local companies approach the school directly with job opportunities, work experience and apprenticeships for our students.   These are widely advertised through our careers boards and online.

To contact Mr White, please e-mail or call 01451 820 554.

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