Coronavirus and school

This page is a resource for our guidance around Covid-19 to keep us as safe as possible at school. Please check out the information tabs below.

You must not attend school if you have any symptoms of the coronavirus or if you are required to self-isolate. Please check the NHS and government guidance on the steps you must take here.

We have many Covid-19 mitigation measures in place, including one-way systems around the school, to minimize contact; enhanced hygiene protocols and facilities; and specified food stations and recreation locations for different year groups.

We aim to keep all our students, staff and school families safe on site and get back to learning in school.

Tell us straight away of a confirmed case of Covid-19

During weekends, email 

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Keeping you safe on the school site

Essential guidelines for students returning to school in September 2020
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The Cotswold School Risk Assessment for Covid-19

September 2020 onwards
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Process for managing Covid-19 in educational settings

Issued by Public Health England
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Gloucestershire County Council bus guidelines

Further information on travelling to The Cotswold School from September 2020, including face coverings, seating and timetables
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If you are worried about the welfare or safety of any child in our school community

email update to our Safeguarding Policy during Covid-19 restrictions is here.

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UK Government coronavirus website

Further information on protecting yourself and others; school closure; and cancellation of exams
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Mental health and e-safety

Experts suggest routine, exercise and using social media responsibly are key ways to protect mental health.

For more information and links to advice, go to our e-safety page and check this mental health guidance.

Message from Will Morgan, Principal

“Thank you to every member of our school community for your support in these unprecedented times. The way we deliver education has had to adapt, but it will follow the same principles as it ever has. The values of friendship and knowledge underpin all that we do and must continue to guide us.”