Former pupil releases debut single, ‘Close My Eyes’

Jenny says her Drama lessons helped her get through lockdown

The Cotswold School former student, who is currently studying Music at Royal Holloway University, released the single, saying,

“It’s all about missing the person you love during the lockdown and pandemic and daydreaming about the days without social distancing. I’ve really put my heart and soul into it so I hope you will like it!

“Taking Drama really played a large part in my education. Even though I am going into a career that still involves acting, GCSE and A-Levels helped me build different skills, such as those used for practical diaries and essays, which I still use to this day in my modules. And for group work, especially during the pandemic, working together online has been made easier by using different methods we actually used in Drama.”

Jenny hopes to specialise in Performance and then study a Masters at a Conservatoire. Her ambition is to become an operatic soprano.

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Jenny M