Getting ready for secondary school

If you are starting secondary school in September 2021, we would be delighted to hear from you. For the time being, we have to limit the numbers of visitors to our school due to coronavirus restrictions, but please do contact us to arrange a conversation with our Principal and find out more about our school. 

Welcome to our school!
Meet Mrs Bridgwater, Head of Year 7

Mrs Bridgwater Y7 cropped

We’ll show you around!
A July tour by our student ambassadors

Amelia & Leo

Students joining us in September 2021

To get a flavour of our school, take a look at the information on our pages, ‘What’s it like in Year 7‘ and ‘Meet the tutors‘. Click on the buttons below, which cover many of the frequently asked questions that we discuss with parents and children on our traditional open days.

Transport to and from school
School uniform
Timetable and lunchtimes
Curriculum overview
Excellent attendance please!
Clubs and activities