Getting ready for secondary school

Starting secondary school can be daunting for 11-year-olds and for their parents and carers. At The Cotswold School, our experienced group of teachers and support staff ensure that Year 6 pupils settle comfortably into Year 7: the transition year.

The values of ‘friendship and knowledge’ run through our work to welcome new members of our community. We offer a caring environment to learn, supporting new students and their parents as they get to know our school.

The transition process starts with our Year 5 Open Morning (9th June, 9-12) when children and parents/carers can visit us and meet our student ambassadors.

You can also join us on our Open Day and Open Evening (7th October) to look around further.

As soon as places are confirmed for Year 6 we write to all parents and carers and start the information collection process. The information you provide helps us to understand each new student and ensure we do all we can to help them settle into secondary school life as quickly and easily as possible.

We have two fun and busy Induction Days for our incoming Year 7 students before they leave primary school. They come on 1st and 2nd July to meet their tutor, experience some lessons and start to make new friends. Parents and carers are also invited into school to meet tutors on the evening of 2nd July (7-8pm).

Teaching staff visit larger local primary schools to talk to Year 6 teachers and children. Those children who are coming up to The Cotswold School in small groups are usually invited to the school for an additional morning to get to know each other.

The transition process continues into September, when the children start as Year 7 students. Year 8 mentors look after them and a residential trip is planned early into the term so teachers, Heads of Year, and students can really get to know each other.