Getting ready for secondary school

If you are starting secondary school in September, we are looking forward to finding out about you and you’ll have lots of questions for us, too.

We’ll be seeing you on our Induction Day – Tuesday 6th July – when you will meet our new Head of Year 7, Miss Lamb.

Miss Lamb

Welcome to our school!

Miss Lamb is a Design and Technology teacher at The Cotswold School and an experienced Head of Year. She now becomes our Head of Year 7 and is looking forward to meeting the children in Year 6 – and their families – who are joining us in September.

To get a flavour of our school, take a look at the information on our pages, ‘What’s it like in Year 7‘ and ‘Meet the tutors‘. Click on the buttons below, which cover many of the frequently asked questions that we discuss with parents and children on our traditional open days.

Transport to and from school
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Timetable and lunchtimes
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