International Status

The Cotswold School is delighted to have International School status in recognition of its work with schools from around the world and the curriculum projects that enable pupils to learn more about different cultures, people and languages. In so doing, our students acquire an appreciation and respect for other cultural traditions as well as their own.

British Values

International Status to us means being Ambassadors of our School, our Region and of Great Britain.

As representatives of Great Britain, we are a School that promotes democracy, a respect for the law, a belief in individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different abilities, faiths and beliefs.
British Values

As a school, we firmly believe in developing our students’ understanding of and appreciation for the wider world, preparing them to be global citizens.The international standing of the School is acknowledged through its partnerships with schools in Zambia, China, Argentina, Germany, France and India.We welcome regular visits from foreign students for cultural exchanges and there is also an extensive array of local and international trips.

In particular, we have fantastic relationships with Masala High School in Ndola, Zambia and two schools in China: Suzhou Foreign Language School (SFLS) and Dulwich International School, (Suzhou & Beijing).