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Key Stage 3 – PSHE

PSHE, Personal Social and Health Education, is a crucial area of education in terms of personal development, safety, health, citizenship within the local and global community and general preparation for life.  These four days will be in addition to the valuable ongoing PSHE Tutor programme and will enable a more in depth focus on one aspect of the programme together with the opportunity to more fully utilise the skills of outside experts in their specific fields.  Experts in Sex and Relationships education, together with representatives from Healthy schools, charities, universities, businesses and the police will be continuing to work alongside Heads of Year and Form Tutors in the delivery of the PSHE programme with the aim of giving our pupils the very best preparation for life.

The key areas of focus across the year groups will be Sex and Relationships education, Healthy lifestyles, Citizenship, Careers education and Economic and Financial awareness. Some of the topics covered include Team Building, Friendship, Anti Bullying, E- Safety, Healthy Minds, Drugs and Alcohol Education, Community and Care and Red Cross – disasters and emergencies, Be the Boss and Money Sense (Please see reverse for an overview of the programme for your son/daughter’s year group.)

There are three off timetable days planned during the school year and an additional day in Enrichment Week in July when the whole school will be focusing on PSHE.

2017/2018 dates 

15 September 2017
12 December 2017 (may change)
28 February 2018


14/15 September Healthy Relationships

Residential trip

  • Team building – how to work successfully and effectively together
  • How to build positive relationships.

12 December 2017 – Safe/Healthy Lifestyles
Anti Bullying  

  • What is bullying?
  • What forms does it take?
  • How to deal with Bullying?
  • Where to go for help?
  • (To convey the school’s zero tolerance of bullying and key message – if there’s a problem tell someone immediately)

e safety – CEOPS (Child Exploitation online protection service )

  • The Police will lead these important On line safety sessions

28 February 2017 –  Economic Awareness and Enterprise

Be the Boss: Students will focus on entrepreneurial skills and marketing in the style of Dragons’ Den

15 September Healthy Relationships

  • The day will be split into four different sessions aiming to encourage students to make healthy choices in life.  We have a team of professionals coming into school to deliver sessions on topics such as emotional and mental wellbeing, e-safety, child sexual exploitation, life decisions, consent, sexuality and where to go for the right advice.

12 December Financial Awareness and Enterprise

  • Students will spend the day undertaking a series of enterprise related challenges in groups.  The focus of the day will be on developing good financial management skills whilst fostering leadership and teambuilding qualities.

28 February   Community and Care Enterprise Awards

  • Students will be spending the day in tutor groups listening to presentations from different charities, this will link into work to be undertaken during tutor time prior to and after the day during which students will aim to develop fundraising activities, including a Fayre in order to raise money for the charity they are allocated – thus fostering enterprise and citizenship skills.

15 September All About Me

* Students will participate in a series of sessions/presentations focusing on Aspiration, ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Changing Old Habits’ in preparation for Key Stage 4

12 December International Citizenship: Disasters and Emergencies

* Students will participate in a series of sessions focusing on Healthy Lifestyles; sessions will be focused on Smoking, Alcohol, Healthy Minds, E-safety & Sex Education.

28 February Careers and Options

* An introduction to careers work and the forthcoming option decisions pupils will have to make. This is the start of a series of events and activities including an options evening that will lead towards all year 9 pupils selecting their preferred GCSE options later in this term.


Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural


British Values


International Status

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