You are warmly invited to attend the Parents Evenings on offer for your children which gives you an excellent opportunity to have a face to face conversation with your child’s teachers. Booking is easy with our online system ( we can make appointments by request for anyone without internet) and we would encourage everyone to attend. Staff will update you on progress, listen to any concerns you may have and offer advice about forthcoming tests and examinations including the best way to revise. Each year group will have one evening per academic year except for Year 11 who have two, Year 12 who have two ( second one by invitation only) and Year 7 who have a tutor evening in October to check that the children have settled in well. You can find a list of dates for this academic year towards the bottom of this page so that you can save the day on your calendar, a help sheet for booking and some frequently asked questions. We look forward to seeing you.

Guide to Booking Appointments

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Parents Evening dates 2019-2020

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Using this system gives parents rather than pupils control over which teachers they see, avoids appointment sheets getting lost and frees up valuable teaching time which would formerly be used to sort out appointments by each teacher. If you have mislaid your times on the night we will be able to find out your appointment times with the click of a mouse.

The website is as secure as an online bank. You can only see appointments for your child. The random log in code adds an extra layer of security regarding access.

The website automatically shows you the schedule for each of your child’s teachers. Unavailable slots are already blocked out. You will get an email with your appointments on as soon as you have booked /amended them.

The website allows all teachers to enter the names of pupils whose parents they specifically wish to see. Please make every effort to keep to the times entered though if there is a major issue you are of course able to change them.

There will be a core time between 4.30pm and 6.30pm when all staff are available. Some teachers have multiple groups and hence more pupils than slots which would make it impossible for them to see every child in the usual time. These teachers will be offering earlier starts and/or later finishes in order to be able to see as many parents as possible.

The website automatically allows for “walking time” which enables you to find your next appointment and be comfortably on time without rushing and/or missing your slot. Although this means you may be at school a few minutes longer it also removes the frustration of missing first one and then subsequent slots. This should help with queue management too which I think we all agree is really important to help the evening flow smoothly for parents and teachers alike.

If you miss a slot you will need to a) either check at the help desk if a teacher is free and you can be booked in later in the evening or b) if there is no further availability ring up in the next day or two.  You will not be able to re-enter the queue when other parents are waiting as this will throw out everybody’s timings and cause havoc! Teachers have been asked to stick very strictly to the timings on their sheet to this end.

The sixth formers at the help desk will be able to point you in the direction of a curriculum area or specific teacher (look out for the new, improved signage as well!), confirm your times if you have mislaid them, check if a teacher has a free slot at any time and issue you with an emergency appointment slip. Please note that standard appointments must be made in advance and the help desk will NOT be able to organise a whole series of appointments for you on the night.

Go to the help desk and they will book you in if there is a free slot and give you a time on an appointment slip. Please liaise with other parents who may be waiting so that you all proceed in strict timed order.

We will ring a bell shortly before the end of every 4 minute slot. This is the signal to draw the conversation to a close and move on to your next appointment.   If you have a major issue to discuss please ring school the next day so you can discuss it comfortably at more length without disrupting the teacher’s schedule. Please don’t just sit down with a teacher if you are passing and there is nobody else at the desk – please ALWAYS stick to your time and get an emergency appointment at the help desk if you need one with anybody for any reason.

Yes – please SIGN IN when you arrive and SIGN OUT when you go – this saves teachers from having to go round looking for parents if they are not sure if they are still there. Please also fill out the online questionnaire which enables us to improve our practice and deal with any issues.