Poseidon House wins sports day!

Individual perseverance and a battle against the clock typified this year’s House sports day.

Set 10 challenges, including a 1k, 3k or 5k run, children across the school showed their determination and fitness, as they competed from home for points to put their House in top position.

From a minute of sit-ups and star jumps to running, jumps and juggling, points were also awarded for the amount of steps walked in a single day and the duration of a wall-sit, really challenging those muscles!

When the score cards came in (or were uploaded to Show My Homework), there were some stand-out performances in each year group. Top scorers were Leandros (Year 7, Zeus, 98 points), Cally (Year 8, Zeus, 80 points), Toby (Year 9, Apollo, 109 points) and Jacob (Year 10, Zeus, 72 points).

The House with the highest points was Poseidon, with a total of 1067 points – well done!

sit ups
Martha in sports day