Primary School Links

The transition from Primary School to Secondary is one of the major steps our children take during the course of their education.

The Cotswold School serves a large, rural area of some 40 parishes and the school draws the majority of its pupils from 14 primary schools which range in size from 30 to 300 pupils, although a rapidly increasing number of out of catchment families are exercising the right under `open enrolment’ to a place at the School .

We recognise the crucial importance of making the transition from primary to secondary schooling as smooth and easy as possible.  For example, new Year 7 students enjoy two full taster days in the July preceding entry in September.  Furthermore, for those Year 7 pupils who are joining us on their own – that is, without any other classmates from their primary school – we offer an additional taster day to help ease their transition.

Come September, new Year 7 pupils are provided with buddies to guide them around the school, encouraging them to find their way.  Early in the new school year, the entire Year 7 cohort go away on a residential trip to further build confidence and friendships.   It is a delight to see how quickly our Year 7 pupils make friends, grown in confidence and meet the challenges of secondary school.

The Cotswold School enjoys excellent links with our primary schools. Various activities take place throughout the academic year to help to maintain these important links.  Local primary schools are often hosted at The Cotswold School for a variety of events as well as after-school clubs.   Others have attended lessons on anatomy in our Biology labs, taken part in gymnastics workshops and competed in maths challenges.  Yet more have built robot cars, played sport, created works of art, cooked, designed logos in IT and created T-shirts with their logos in the Textiles department.  Meanwhile, our teachers also visit local primary schools to share best-practice in Teaching and Learning.

Each year, we invite some 200 pupils from 7 local primary schools to enjoy a spectacular day of science and design activities.   It is a hugely enjoyable day and it is a wonderful way to not only inspire our future students but also for them to have a glimpse of the secondary school they may one day attend.


We are a large catchment area within the North Cotswolds, crossing borders with Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. As a School, we are committed to continuing and forging our links with the primary schools, in all years, to ensure the children who come to us from Year 6 to Year 7 have a streamline transition.

Andoversford Primary School

Bledington Primary School

Bourton-on-the-Water Primary School

Cold Aston Church of England Primary School

Great Rissington Primary School

Longborough Church of England Primary School

Northleach Church of England Primary School

St.Andrews Church of England Primary School (Chedworth)

Sherborne Church of England Primary School

Stow-on-the-Wold Primary School

Swell Church of England Primary School
affiliated with Longborough Church of England Primary School

Temple Guiting Church of England Primary School

Withington Church of England Primary School