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Donation - Gift Aid - Standing Order Form

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An Overview

Total parent contributions from monthly donations (1)

These are challenging times. The School is doing so well as an Ofsted Outstanding School, yet we have been underfunded for years. We are the lowest-funded comprehensive School in Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire is one of the lowest-funded local authorities in the country.

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We are committed to offering the best education, but we need help. We will be working hard in 2019 to ensure our outstanding education for our students continues to flourish. We need your help to Keep Our School Outstanding.

Keep Our School Outstanding - the story so far

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Local businesses, our PTA and most importantly our parents have been generous in contributing to the school.

  • The PTA raises on average £20,000 every year
  • Local business donations (financial and in-kind) average £10,000 per year
  • Thirty-four families now give a monthly standing order to the school
  • Many families donate using the ParentMail Donation Button

All money raised from parents support projects that benefit teaching and learning across the whole school. In previous years the donations have allowed us to:

  • Refurbish the Astro pitch
  • Refurbish the stage and install new lighting and a new sound desk for school productions
  • Provide additional mentoring and counselling support to students
  • Resurface the tennis courts
  • Allow for additional teaching and learning resources

Monies raised from bids, grants and sponsorship are currently going towards the fundraising for a new sports, events and wellbeing pavilion. We are seeking £100,000 and have raised £30,000 to date. If you wish to donate to this specific capital project, please visit

We thank you for all your amazing support to date. If you are able, please would you consider:

As a Parent:

  • Simply set-up a monthly donation – the form can be found in your ParentMail account. Please also complete the Gift Aid form to ensure every penny comes to The Cotswold School.
  • Donate via ParentMail. There is a button, clearly shown in the SHOP page of your ParentMail account.
  • Give as You Earn. Your employer may offer a Give as You Earn scheme, such as Elsevier, which may offer a more tax efficient scheme.

As a Community:

  • We welcome one-off and monthly donations. To donate, please complete the form at the foot of this section. Thank you.
  • Business sponsorship – we have a range of sponsorship options – please contact Kathryn Allison, or visit our Friends of The Cotswold School page
  • If you can offer trade or business services, advice and knowledge, please do let us know.

What else can you do?

  • Lobby the Local MP – please contact Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP via e-mail at
  • Support The Cotswold School PTA – PTA events contribute c. £20,000 each year
  • Complete the Online Petition – We would appreciate if you would consider signing up to the increased funding for schools online petition:
  • The Cotswold School is bringing the summer car parking ‘under one roof’ to raise funds directly for The Cotswold School. If you are able to help with a day over the season to run the car parking, this really would help. The car parking raises c. £20,000 each year. Please contact

Mr Morgan, Principal comments, “We are so proud of our successes, academic and pastoral, all credit to our fantastic staff and great teachers delivering outstanding teaching and learning to all the students for their hard work and their families for their support. However, these figures published by Gloucestershire County Council show that The Cotswold School is one of the worst-funded schools in Gloucestershire. What a statement to have to write. It really shouldn’t be like this – education is too important. We are continuing to lobby hard for fairer funding. Until then, we do need your help to keep this school Outstanding. Thank you for your support.”

Donation - Gift Aid - Standing Order Form

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