Students celebrated for their effort and achievements

We welcomed families into our school hall, for an evening ceremony to present awards to students of all ages for their effort and achievement.

Students from each year group in turn rose to receive applause for their achievements in individual subjects. Those receiving Headteacher’s prizes earned them by demonstrating great effort, hard work or kindness.

Tori, who achieved Grade 9s in all of her GCSEs, received the Ann Holland Prize; and many others were awarded prizes for excellence at GCSE. Lucy, Bethan, Barney, Andrew and Robert jointly won the Gaynor Didcote Prize for outstanding achievement at A Level.

As he welcomed the audience of parents and carers, Chair of Governors, Andrew Parker, commended the school for rising to the challenges that the pandemic had brought to education and for young people. Key note speaker, Alison Masters, CEO of global marketing company Silver, encouraged all young people to persevere and take every opportunity that comes their way – you never know where it could lead.

In his address, Will Morgan, Headteacher, spoke of his staff’s innovation, flexibility and incredible commitment to the school and to the needs of all students. There were also short speeches by Amelie and James, our Head Students.

Not only was it lovely that so many of our former Year 13 students were able to come to the awards despite starting university courses; it was great to welcome school families to an occasion in school after the suspension of face-to-face events last year.

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