Pastoral Care and Wellbeing

Taking exercise, getting plenty of sleep, eating well and limiting your social media time are all strategies for positive mental health and wellbeing.

Talking to someone you trust can help if you’re feeling low or worried about something. At school, you could talk to your tutor, your Head of Year, or a member of the pastoral care team. Staff at school will listen and can also direct you to organisations which can support and protect your positive mental health.

Have a look at the links to support services below, where expert advice is available, as well as coping strategies and suggestions for ways to protect your wellbeing and mental health.

Local charity Headspace helps support some children at The Cotswold School with counselling and has advice about positive mental health strategies. Find out more below.

Visit our E-Safety page, with advice and services to help you stay protected and safe online.

If you are concerned about the welfare of a child, email

Headspace is a local charity, providing advice and support for young people

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Bring movement into your day to build physical and mental strength

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Support from the Anna Freud centre includes advice from young people for their peers.

Advice is here

Advice to help you deal with the pressure that exams can create

Top tips from StudentMind

For e-safety or bullying concerns, click the CEOP button on our intranet to report and get help

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A directory of services for teenagers and wellbeing

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What's on your mind? Any issue, from family trouble to friendships.

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Our local NHS services can help with a range of topics that can affect your wellbeing

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