What’s it like in Year 7?

Lily, Chris and Jody are among the many children who have volunteered to become student mentors. That means they will help guide our new Year 7 children around school and answer any questions or concerns. They know what it’s like to be new!

Get to know these friendly faces and see what advice they have for our new students.

“How will I find my way around?”


Chris says, “Sometimes you get lost, and it’s OK; there are plenty of people to ask for help. As well as that, you will be given a timetable and map to help you find your way.”

“I’m worried about getting lost”


“We will be there to guide you!” Jody says, “Don’t be scared or shy to ask Mentors or anyone where to go. Remember we have all been new Year 7s before and we can empathise with how you may be feeling.”

“How will I make friends?”


Lillian says, “Don’t expect to have a big friendship group on the first day as it happens fairly gradually. It isn’t too difficult as everyone is looking to make friends.  There always is someone like you. You just need to find them!”

“How do I get lunch?”


Lula has some advice: “At school we have a machine that reads your fingerprint, linked to an account. It tells you how much money you have left to pay for lunch. You can also buy things at The Quad Pod for a snack at second lunch.

“How will I organise my homework?”

Robbie Y7 mentor 2mp

Robbie explains about the web platform we use, called Satchel:One. It used to be called Show My Homework. “The work is set on it by teachers, there’s a tick-list of all the homework you need to complete so you can see ahead and plan. You’ll see how to ‘submit’ it. It is an app that your parents and carers can access as well.”

“What’s it like on the bus?”


Lilly says, “On your first few days there is lots of help with finding your correct bus. Your bus pass should say the number of your bus, so there is no need to worry. They pick up and drop off at the turning circle, just at the front of the school.”

Ben joined The Cotswold School in September 2019. How did he find moving from Year 6 to Year 7?


When I was in Year 5, and again in Year 6, I visited The Cotswold School with other children from my primary school. As I looked around, I was surprised how big the school really is and how many staff and students there are. Since starting, I’d say one of the main differences is that we get more homework in secondary.

What about making friends and finding your way around?

One of the best things about coming here is that I’ve made many new friends, but I’ve kept old ones from my primary school and also people I know from my rugby club. Finding your way around gets easier after a while, when you know your timetable and get used to your routine.

What’s learning like at The Cotswold School?

The best thing about learning here is being challenged by my teachers and also having a good time with my friends. Two of my favourite lessons are IT and Art, which are quite different from in primary. In Art, there is always something to do with painting or drawing; and in IT we get to use the computers.

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