What’s it like in Year 7?

Ben Mustoe and Izzy Tye joined The Cotswold School in September 2019. How did they find moving from Year 6 to Year 7?

What were Ben’s first impressions?

When I was in Year 5, and again in Year 6, I visited The Cotswold School with other children from my primary school. As I looked around, I was surprised how big the school really is and how many staff and students there are. Since starting, I’d say one of the main differences is that we get more homework in secondary.

What about making friends and finding your way around?

One of the best things about coming here is that I’ve made many new friends, but I’ve kept old ones from my primary school and also people I know from my rugby club. Finding your way around gets easier after a while, when you know your timetable and get used to your routine.

What’s learning like at The Cotswold School?

The best thing about learning here is being challenged by my teachers and also having a good time with my friends. Two of my favourite lessons are IT and Art, which are quite different from in primary. In Art, there is always something to do with painting or drawing; and in IT we get to use the computers.

What were Izzy’s first impressions of The Cotswold School?

I visited the school in Years 5 and 6. Obviously, the main difference between primary and secondary is the size. Although at first it seemed huge, I got used to it really quickly. After a couple of weeks, navigating around the school became like second nature and I already felt like I had been there for years!

Did you have any friendship worries?

I was a little bit nervous to begin with because I don’t like meeting new people. However, I found it really easy to make friends because everyone was so nice and were in the exact same position as me because they were all new, too.

What do you like about your lessons?

When I started, I was excited to have lessons with teachers who specialise in that subject. I was really looking forward to Art and Design & Technology classes, since we mostly focused on English and Maths in primary. You get to take your books home, so it is easier to revise for tests or just re-cap some work from the lesson.

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