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Extra-Curricular Activities

While Cotswold School pupils have all the advantages of the open, green spaces and country pursuits that our rural setting brings, the larger cultural centres (including Gloucester, Cheltenham, Oxford, Stratford upon Avon, Birmingham, Bristol and London) are regularly and easily accessed for the numerous events and shows our pupils may wish to attend. All students are actively encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities that extend beyond the normal School day. We strongly believe that all children benefit from taking part in structured activities. We encourage all students to make extensive use of the Information and Communication Technology and other supervised study facilities. The following list gives you an insight into some of the enrichment activities available:

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Girls summer extra-curricular sports clubs
Boys summer extra-curricular sports clubs

> Netball
> Hockey – Boys and Girls
> Basketball – Boys and Girls
> Rugby – Boys and Girls
> Football – Boys and Girls
> Cricket – Boys and Girls
> Tennis – Boys and Girls

> Gardening Club
> Choirs
> Performing Arts Club
> Instrumental Groups
> Duke of Edinburgh
> Book and Film Club
> Human Rights Club
> Equestrian
> Back in Black
> Interact Club
> Science Journal Club
> History Club

> Languages Club
> Debating
> Enterprise Club
> Christian Union
> Science Club
> Creative Writing Club
> Gym and Dance Club
> Art Club
> Stem Club
> Philosophy Club
> Geography Club


Year GroupActivityTimePlaceStaff
Yrs 7-9Debating1.20pm – 2.00pmE7/E4LBA
AllIT Homework Club1.20pm – 1.55pmCS1C Russell
KS4Duke of Edinburgh1.20pm – 1.55pmS10CM
Drop in centre
AllGirls Coding Club1.20pm – 1.55pmCS3MB
Yrs 10-11Italian GCSE1.20pm – 2.00pmL2LM
Yr7Girls netball1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallKW/JM
Yr 7-9Girls Street dance1.20pm – 2.00pmDrama StudioAR
Yr 9-10Boys football (5 aside)1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallMMa
Invited girlsElite strength & conditioning1.20pm – 2.00pmGymDH
AllHomework Club1.20pm – 2.00pmLearning SupportTA’s
AllGames Club1.20pm – 2.00pmSOC4PT
AllChoir1.30pm – 2.00pmPA1Gemma Fiffield
Y11GCSE French1.20pm – 2.00pmL6JJ
Yr 10GCSE Music1.20pm – 2.00pmPA2SB/CHT
Homework Support - 3.20pm – 5.00pmLibraryKW
All welcome
Yrs 7,8,9Cheltenham Gymnastic Club3.30pm – 4.30pmGymM Collett
Yr 9Boys football3.30pm – 4.40pmSports hallMMa
Yr 10GCSE Music Twilight Coursework3.20pm – 4.55pmPA2Miss Buckley/Miss Thomas
Year GroupActivityTimePlaceStaff
Yrs 11 & 12GCSE Russian Twilight1.20pm – 2.00pmL2VM
AllIT Homework Club1.20pm – 1.55pmCS1C Russell
Yrs 7,8,9Rugby girls1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallJM/HJ
Yrs 10-13Girls Hockey1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallDH
Yr 7-13Girls indoor cricket1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallKB
Yrs 8-10Boys indoor cricket1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallIT
Yrs 9/10/11Boxing1.20pm – 1.55pmGymMMa
Yr 8Football boys1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallCM
Yr7/8German club1.20pm- 1.55pmL4SHW
AllGames Club1.20pm – 2.00pmSOC4PT
AllHomework Club1.20pm – 2.00pmLearning SupportTA’s
Yrs 12/13Science Journal Club1.20pm – 1.55pmS3WG
Yr 7Environment Club1.20pm – 2.00pmS7JT, SLJ
Yr 9GCSE French1.20pm – 2.00pmL1SK
Yr 7Drama Club1.20pm – 1.55pmDrama Studio/Leisure Centre
AllWind Group1.30pm – 2.00pmPA1Mrs Meyrick
AllMale A Cappella1.30pm – 2.00pmDrum RoomMr Oram
Yr10/11GCSE Spanish speaking class1.30 – 2.00pmL3María
Yr 10GCSE Music Twilight Coursework1.20pm – 2.00pmPA2SB/CT
Homework Support - All welcome3.20pm – 5.00pmLibraryKW
Yr 10GCSE French twilight3.20pm - 4.55pmL2GM
Yrs 7-8Boys football3.30pm – 4.40pmSports hallSP
Yrs 10/11GCSE Music Twilight3.20pm – 4.55pmPA1SB/CHT
Year GroupActivityTimePlaceStaff
Yrs 7,8,9History Club1.25pm – 2.00pm H4DHJ, VMO
Yr 10GCSE French1.20pm – 2.00pmL2VM
AllIT Homework Club1.20pm – 1.55pmCS1A Thomas
Yrs 7,8,9Craft Club1.20pm – 1.55pmLS2Mrs C Thomas
Yrs 9,10Book club (every other week)1.20pm - 2.00pmLibraryKW
Yrs 10Basketball (early and late lunch)1.20pm - 2.00pmSports hallCJ
Yr 11Boys football1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallJE
Yrs 8,9Netball girls1.20pm - 2.00pmSports hallSH
Yr 9Rugby boys1.20pm - 2.00pmSports hallMMa
Yrs 12/13Science Journal Club1.20pm – 1.55pmS3WG
AllHomework Club1.20pm – 2.00pmLearning SupportTA’s
Yr10/11German Speaking class1.30pm – 2.00pmL4SHW
AllLego Mindstorm1.20pm – 1.55pmCS2MB
Yrs 9-11Public Speaking1.20pm – 2.00pmE10SL
AlSax Group (bi-weekly)1.20pm – 2.00pmPA1Mr Adlington
AllOrchestra (bi-weekly)1.30pm – 2.00pmPA1Miss Thomas
Yr 10GCSE Music Twilight Coursework1.20pm – 2.00pmPA2SB
Homework Support - All welcome3.20 – 5.00pmLibrary KW
Yr 11&12Russian3.30pm – 4.55pmL2VM
Yrs 10-12GCSE Italian3.20pm – 4.55pmL3LM
Invitation onlySTEM club3.30pm – 4.45pmS8KR
Yr 9GCSE French3.20pm – 4.55pmL1SK
VariousProduction Group3.30pm – 4.45pmPA2Mr JJ Jowett
Every other week, dates published in Music
Y11GCSE French 3.20pm – 4.55pmL6JJ
Year GroupActivityTimePlaceStaff
AllIT Homework Club1.20pm – 1.55pmCS11C Russell
AllHomework Club1.20pm – 2.00pmLearning SupportTA’s
Yr 7Hockey girls1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallHJ
Yr 7-9Hockey boys1.20pm – 1.55pmSports HallHJ
Yr7/8Spanish club1.20pm – 1.55pmL3AVD
AllInteract Group (rotary)1.20pm - 2.00pmSOC2ZB
Yr 7Badminton boys1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallCM
AllSwimming1.20pm – 1.55pmPoolIT
Yrs 8-13Girls fitness1.20pm – 1.55pmGymDH
Yrs 7-13Basketball girls1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallJM
Yr 8Rugby boys1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallCJ
Yrs 7,8,9Philosophy Club1.20pm – 1.55pmP2HH
Yrs 8,9Drama Club1.20pm – 1.55pmDrama StudioSD
Leisure Centre
AllHomework Club1.25pm – 2.00pmLearning SupportTA’s
Yrs 11,12,13Science Journal Club1.25pm – 2.00pmS1WG
Yrs 12/13History Society1.20pm – 2.00pmH2EWA
AllString Group1.30pm – 2.00pmPA2Mrs White
Homework Support - All welcome3.20pm- 5.00pmLibraryC Russell
Yr 10GCSE French3.20pm – 4.55pmL2VM
Back in Black Rehearsals3.30pm – 4.45pmPA1Mrs Hamlett
Year GroupActivityTimePlaceStaff
AllIT Homework Club1.20pm – 1.55pmCS1C Russell
Yrs 12/13English Plus (support/skills)1.30pm – 1.55pmE9EW
AllCross Country1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallIT
Yrs 7-8Book Club1.20pm – 2.00pmLibraryMR
Yr 8-9Girls Hockey1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallDH
Yr 10Boys football1.20pm – 2.00pmSports hallMMa
Yrs 10-11GCSE Badminton/Trampolining1.20pm – 2.00pmSports HallCJ
Yr 7Boys Rugby1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallIT
Yr 11GCSE Practice1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallCJ
AllOpen Coding Club1.20pm – 1.55pmCS2MB
Yrs 10-13Girls netball1.20pm – 1.55pmSports hallSH/KB
01/12/2013Debate Club1.20pm – 1.55pmE1JE,JH,JD
AllHomework Club1.20pm – 2.00pmLearning SupportTA’s
AllGames Club1.20pm – 2.00pmSOC4PT
AllSaxophone Quintet1.20pm – 2.00pmPA1Mr Adlington
Homework Support - All welcome3.20pm-5.00pmLibraryKW
Yrs 7-13Floorball3.30pm-4.45pmSports hallDH
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