‘Be Secondary School Ready’


Starting secondary School can be very daunting for an 11-year-old and their parents and carers.  At The Cotswold School we understand this and please be rest assured, we have an incredibly experienced group of teachers and support staff, working together, to ensure that Year 6 pupils settle comfortably into Year 7 – the transition year.

Our ethos is one of ‘friendship and knowledge’ and we work towards ‘The pursuit of academic excellence and individual achievement within a caring community’

Our transition process starts as soon as it is confirmed who has been successful in gaining a place.

We will write to all parents and carers and start the much-required information collection process. This information is incredibly useful during and after the transition process as it helps us to understand each pupil and ensure we do all we can to help them settle into secondary school life as quickly and easily as possible.


Following the SATs, teaching staff visit all of our larger local Primary Schools.  They talk to the Year 6 teachers and to the children.

Those children who are coming up to The Cotswold School in small groups of ones or twos are usually invited to the school for an additional morning to get to know each other and more about The Cotswold School. We know this works well for these children.

Early in July all of our new cohorts attend the school for two busy days.  They will meet their tutor, experience some lessons and start to make new friends. On the evening of the second day, parents come to school to meet their child’s tutor.

The transition process continues well into September when the children start as Year 7 pupils.  They will have Year 8 mentors looking after them and ‘showing them the ropes’ and a residential trip is planned for the second or third week of the term so teachers, Heads of Year, and pupils can really get to know each other.

Year 7 Mentor Presentation to Year 6

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  • Top tips

    • Starting secondary School can be very daunting for an 11-year-old, so we advise that you take all their worries seriously and encourage honesty about their feelings. Talking things through help to understand both the positive and the daunting challenges ahead.
    • Encourage your daughter or son to get involved! Socialise and make friends.  The Cotswold School has a well-developed enrichment programme – join clubs, they are great fun, go on trips and make more friends!
    • Practice the new routine with your son/daughter. Work backwards from when they have to be at School, to what time they need to get up and be at the bus stop. Encourage your son/daughter to plan what they will need for the next day, the night before.
    • Give regular support.
    • Encourage independence and advise your daughter/son to follow the rules.
    • Don’t let them be anxious about their homework. The more they do, the better the routine. We do understand in the first few weeks it is a huge transition, so provide your daughter/son time to settle in and keep assuring them that it will all fall into place.
    • At the start, they will be tired. We will, at School, encourage them to eat well, get enough sleep at home and above all enjoy School. We welcome your input and help.